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Anonymous asked: Hi I hope you don't mind me asking. It's a question about Chloe Lukasiak. Her upper body placement in her turns have always bothered me a lot, especially the way her shoulders are slanted/sloped down. I'm not a professional dancer or anything but it just distracts me a lot whenever she dances, lately it's gotten to the point where it's the only thing I can see when she dances. What is your opinion on her upper body placement in her turns?? Thanks a lot :)


You don’t have to be a professional dancer, you’re right about it. Her upper body placement slacks a bit. I think when she was younger and didn’t have such long limbs she never had to worry about being well-aligned and now it’s a challenge for her. Hopefully the next studio will help her out on it.

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Anonymous asked: What are your thoughts on dance precisions and do you like them or not?


I think the kids are very talented but I think they’re pushed to accelerate too fast. Also I do not like their choreography at all. It’s not artistic whatsoever. And I think their choreography for the kids is far too inappropriate. It makes me angry.

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the actual science vs. how the news reports it

Huffington Post is not news, it’s click bait that gets all of its info from secondary sources. Something like the Globe and Mail would not put this kind if headline on a story like this. Of course a site whose only goal is page visits will put ridiculous headlines on. Stop calling these shit sites “news.”

Also it looks like these aren’t even the same story.


the actual science vs. how the news reports it

Huffington Post is not news, it’s click bait that gets all of its info from secondary sources. Something like the Globe and Mail would not put this kind if headline on a story like this. Of course a site whose only goal is page visits will put ridiculous headlines on. Stop calling these shit sites “news.” Also it looks like these aren’t even the same story.

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Daniel Dale on Twitter: "John Tory concludes by saying Pride should not get city funding if Queers Against Israeli Apartheid is allowed to march." →

If you identify as LGBT+ and are against Apartheid,

Fuck, even if you’re cishet and are against Apartheid,


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i am dora winifred read. everyday. irl. 

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Anonymous asked: why did you quit the last studio you worked for. what was wrong with them.


The actual straw that broke the camel’s back was a student who chose to mouth off at me in class, then proceeded to tell the studio administration that I screamed at her and was all sorts of unprofessional, and the studio owner chose to (in front of the student) undermine me and tell me I was wrong. But there was a lot of crap going on leading up to that. I think they’re a terrible example of what a studio should be.

I actually have a list written down because I had a friend who wanted to enroll her daughter and I was like “NOOOOOOO DON’T HERE’S WHY.”

    •    The staff is 100% amateur, including the artistic director. No major dance performance experience and no major teaching credentials or affiliations, or post-secondary dance education.
    •    The studio is opposed to dance exams.
    •    Artistic director claims to have been an advanced tap and ballet dancer but adamantly refuses to teach either.
    •    The studio frequently cancels its technical classes in favour of competition rehearsals, then complains when they are given low marks on technique.
    •    Very little proper terminology is taught and the artistic director openly does not care about terminology.
    •    Artistic director is not hands-on — spends most of her lessons sitting in the corner, giving verbal instructors with limited physical demonstrations save for choreography.
    •    “Technique” and conditioning classes are more than just hard work, they’re repetitive physical challenges that force the children to over-exert themselves. Their conditioning focuses more on the students simply becoming skinny, not on functional strength designed for dancers.
    •    Past physical challenges (such as “do continuous rises onto your toes for as long as possible until your legs give out”) have reduced students to tears or impeded their ability to walk after class.
    •    Dancers are advanced too quickly in terms of technique without learning proper foundation (i.e. turns). There are dancers doing (improper) a la seconde turns who are still unable to do clean double pirouettes.
    •    Teaching is very “trick-based” and measures improvement by singular achievements (i.e. “Susie got her aerial!”) rather than subtle improvements.
    •    Acrobatics is over-emphasized in the curriculum.
    •    Competitive students only take 60 minutes of ballet per week.
    •    Artistic Director showed no concern that senior dancers who were beginners on pointe were dancing in shoes that had literally been broken, with shoes that were more than a year old and entirely too soft. She refused to ask the parents to get their students new shoes despite being made aware of the damage that could have been caused to the feet.
    •    Hard-working students are never recognized for their work and are regarded as “not improving” if they haven’t achieved flashy acro tricks.
    •    The children run the show here — they are allowed to get away with being rude and disrespectful.
    •    There is no monitoring of the children, who will sometimes take up to 10 minutes in the change room, behaviour that has been allowed to continue for three years. At the age the students are at, discipline should be expected and dancers should not be chased after.
    •    Studio policies are unclear, possibly non-existent and made up on the fly.
    •    Students spent more than a year learning on a hard, cement floor unfit for physical activity.
    •    No ballet-friendly dress code is enforced. Students enter class looking unprofessional and wearing clothes that make it difficult to observe their form.
    •    Director often keeps students late in her classes such as acrobatics and rehearsals but refuses to allow ballet and tap to run even five minutes long to compensate for lost time.
    •    Showcases are poorly organized. Emcee for 2014 competitive showcase was asked to emcee no more than ten minutes before the show.
    •    The achievements of the competitive team are misrepresented. The director has in the past referred to dancers winning “first place” but neglecting to mention that it was in their category, not the overall age division. It is also problematic because she does not mention that the dances win in the “novice” category, which is important to note (they are not beating kids who have been dancing 10+ years… they are beating kids who have been dancing one year). Additionally she refers to dances as “overall award winning” when they simply placed in the top ten.
    •    The studio and team as a whole seems like more of a vanity project for the artistic director rather than a genuine wish to inspire young dancers. She has students dance to her own original songs in what seems like a strange attempt for publicity and she has admitted privately that she feels like the position is limiting her from pursuing her singing career, and seems to consider the commitment a burden.

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The studio I quit is FINALLY going to pay me the money they owe me.

Now the question is, will they pay me the money for classes I actually taught, or for classes they had scheduled for me for and cancelled after I drove all the way there?

'Cause it's like a $200 difference.

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Ever have headphones on at an office or cafe and you fart and you have NO IDEA if it was audible or not?: A novel by Bree

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" Unreal Estate " by Tim Doyle

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Imagine if you were bullied and picked on every day at school for wearing a certain kind of special shirt that your family made for you, and then years later a company decided that shirt was neat, replicated it for cheap, mass-produced and sold it, profited off it, and then everyone, including the people who made fun of you for it, started wearing it. And then you were still made fun of for wearing the shirt.

That is what cultural appropriation is.

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90% of “mental health awareness” posts on tumblr are actually “depression and generalized anxiety disorder awareness” posts and actually do nothing to further awareness of mood disorders like bipolar / manic depressive disorder, personality disorders, and god fucking forbid any sort of awareness for anything with even psychotic features, let alone psychosis or delusional disorders

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Attention new followers I have gained because of Dance Moms posts:

Just a fair warning, I don’t post THAT much about DM in the grand scheme of things. I’m not offended if you unfollow but just realize that I only talk about DM in big bursts every once in awhile, usually after an episode has aired.

Most of the things I post on here include:

  • A lot of social-justice-related stuff
  • Yummy vegan food and recipes
  • A lot of posts about my sometimes-struggles with mental health mainly including anxiety, mild depression and former struggles with disordered eating, which may make you uncomfortable
  • Simpsons, Parks and Rec, The Office and Bob’s Burgers references ahoy
  • OITNB galore
  • Animals! I cannot emphasize that enough
  • Journalism related stuff, as that is my field of work
  • Pretty girls. Who wants to live in a world where pretty girls don’t exist?

Since a lot of you are or may be quite young and I find I tend to get adverse reactions on these issues from young people, I also need to make a couple things clear:

  • I am unapologetically bisexual. Though I am currently dating a man, I love women. I am proud to be a queer woman. I talk a lot about my sexuality. If my queerness offends you, unfollow me. NOW.
  • This is also a pro-choice blog. I am very open about the fact that I have had an abortion. I do not want judgment on it. If you are thinking of coming into my inbox and telling me I am a murderer, here’s a tip: don’t. No one will change my position on this. Even my Mom supported my decision. If you have a problem with abortion, unfollow me. NOW.

And I will NOT post any of the following things:

  • Anything glorifying anorexia
  • Anything that lifestyle-shames (I won’t say I’m against fitspo because I love anything that inspires people to work out but I will NOT post or reblog anything that shames people for choosing to be lazy or for being fat)
  • Anything from Dance Precisions
  • Anything using slurs (unless the slurs were said by people whom they apply to)
  • Climbers sport-climbing (outdoors) without helmets
  • Self-harm (this is not because of any sort of stance on self-harm, I just find it very triggering)
  • Pornography
  • "Kids these days will never know the joys of…" Ugh suck my ass.

So… unfollow now if you are scared or offended by any of that. Better you find out my deal now than later. Any messages attempting to antagonize me for my political and personal choices will be deleted.

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