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Bree, 25, adult-lite, professional writer/reporter/editor for a group of magazines in Toronto.

5'6", she/her/hers pronouns, bi, cis, skinny, white, arms roughly one metre long each. Vegan, cat-mother, WLU Grad, dance teacher, choreographer. Lover of healthy food, animals of all kinds, skateboarding, longboarding, rock and roll, plaid shirts, pretty girls, men with beards, hockey, climbing. Climbing is my life. I cannot overstate the importance of it. Pro-feminist. Anti-radfem. What some might call a "genderist."

See my big terrible fucking face.

Food I wanna make or have made.

Vegan talk.

Future reference.

Forever your girl.

Forever your girl.

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    Sad thing is, I looked just like this with my brown hair…
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