Bree, 25. Adult-lite. Reporter and editor by trade. Professional writer. Yes, I am an actual professional writer who makes a living writing. What the fuck, right? I'm also a dance teacher.

Who I am
I'm Canadian (bilingual and of French/Irish origins). Raised in Northern Ontario. I'm a bisexual woman. I am cis and use she/her/hers pronouns/I am skinny and have struggled with my body image and disordered eating since mid-high school. I have an anxiety disorder and sometimes have depressive tendencies.

My politics
My politics are who I am. I am pro-feminist. I despise radical feminism. I try to be as strong of an ally to trans and POC as I can and naturally try to check my privilege as much as I can. But I still fuck up sometimes, so please chew me out and hold me to the highest of expectations. I am a vegan. I don't talk about it on Tumblr very much but if you would like to blacklist my vegan talk because you find any of it triggering or upsetting, please backlist "Breeganism."

My interests
I love dance and writing (obviously). I am a news junkie and adore municipal politics. I am a music lover and love Canadian music more than anything. My favourite artists are Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, The Band, The Tragically Hip, Arkells and City and Colour. I am obsessed with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. I am an avid climber (mostly sport climbing) at Toronto Climbing Academy.

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A series of screenshots demonstrating why you should stop following Sarah aka Lesbolution aka grrlfever if you haven’t already.

  1. The first screenshot is just one example of her continued attacks on solardrift, who is a trans woman who made a lighthearted crack about her previous confusion re: her identity but Sarah refused to apologize.
  2. She constantly posts and reblogs posts about how the idea that people are oppressed for being feminine is a myth, which reeks of transmisogyny. She also FREQUENTLY uses “female bodies” as synonymous with “XX/FAAB bodies” (I’m surprised she even listed the three this time since she usually just says “female bodies”).
  3. She advocates against non-lesbians using the term “femme” even though it wasn’t conceived as a 100% lesbian descriptor.
  4. But I guess that’s not all that surprising since she appears to condone the idea that bisexual women in relationships with men are the same as heterosexual women.
  5. Sidesteps a question about transphobic associations (dgaf about trans women AT ALL)
  6. She really, really doesn’t care to clear up the whole “TERF” thing.”
  7. And if YOU were wondering, she endorses TERF sentiments. In this screenshots she equates having a penis with being a potential rapist. This post could have talked in far more sensitive and intelligent ways about the rights of respecting triggers and any sentiment that equated penis to rapist was completely avoidable and unnecessary so you should not fucking trust anyone who says or believes in something like this.
  8. And it’s cool to say penises are unpleasant, right? Apparently being triggered by something is the same as hating it and making fun of it, because who gives a fuck about women who already might be sensitive about having penises?
  9. And yet… believes that it is imperative that people respect her triggers.
  10. Oh… but being around non-vegans makes her nervous.

So basically, the only women worth fighting for are cis lesbian women. Trans women do not matter. Bisexual women do not matter. Only lesbians matter.

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    idk about you guys but I find it super gross of her to compare non-vegans to abusive people -someone who suffered 15...
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    Clarity on the veganism comment (I’m actually a vegan myself), I thought it was ironic to the point of being disgusting...
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    Im not sure how to feel about this, but I don’t think I like it. It’s enough to keep me from following her.
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